Moving To New Smyrna Beach? Here’s 4 Things You Should Know

Whenever deciding where to move it’s never an easy choice no matter who you are. Now, if you’re talking about moving to Florida or are already a resident and debating where to go next the option is very clear. New Smyrna Beach is a prime destination and will always come up in any conversation of where should I live? So, if this is your first time contemplating moving to New Smyrna Beach then you’re in luck. Today we’ll be taking a look at things you should know when you make this move or if you’re preparing to. We’ll be talking about great destinations and family-friendly locations. Now, without further waiting let’s get started!


Activities in New Smyrna Beach

The best way to start this list is, to begin with, all of the fun you can have while living here! Something that you may be interested in figuring out is “what can I do while I live there”? Below is a huge list of different activities that are available for you and your family.

  • Atlantic Center for the Arts
  • Florida Art Galleria
  • New Smyrna Beach Golf Course
  • Apollo Beach
  • The Breakers Ocean Front Restaurant

As you can tell from the list above there is a huge variety of different activities for you to do. You have a range of arts, the beach, sports, and food to enjoy with your friends and family. Now, these are only SOME of the locations that are in the New Smyrna Beach area, you have other locations like Daytona Beach and Port Orange less than 3 miles away. If you’re looking for a long drive then you’ll be rewarded with theme parks like Universal, Disney, and Seaworld for when it’s too hot outside. If you want more places to check out this look at this list. The list is located on the New Smyrna new resident site. The list can be found HERE!

The Weather

There is zero chance of not mentioning the weather when we talk about any location in the sun-shine state. When moving to New Smyrna Beach, Florida you can always expect the weather to be just amazing. So amazing that some would even call it jaw-dropping. What I mean by that is the weather is nice and sunny 300+ days of the year. Even when it’s cold you can still go outside with the family and relax. It isn’t called the sunshine state for a reason and you ask yourself “why didn’t I move here sooner?”. You’ll quickly come to realize that shoveling snow and other activities just isn’t worth it and not having to do these tedious tasks will give more time back to you. So, now that we’ve talked about the weather and activities. It’s time to tell you how you’re SAVING money when moving to New Smyrna.


This is a huge reason to go ahead and move to New Symerna Beach. Whenever you hear the word affordability attached to the location of Florida there are some facts you might not expect. One thing you might not realize is that living in New Symerna Beach is 15% below the national average. This will put more money back in your pocket. This doesn’t also include things such as no state income tax and even groceries costing less than most other locations. The name of the game in New Symerna is saving money and that’s fantastic. This way you can save money or spend it on other activities that YOU want to do which is always fantastic.

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A Prime Place To Retire

Senior Moving Manager

Of course, when writing this up something that must be considered is if you have a senior family then maybe you need to find a place for them also. If this is the case then you’re in luck because New Symrna is one of the top 20 places to retire in Florida while competing over 100 different locations.  When moving to New Smyrna Beach something that you can just already think about is the term “peace of mind”.  New Symrna has a wide variety of senior communities which is fantastic that also has a huge list of available activities. This will keep seniors moving and enjoying life while you can continue with your busy life. This is just another great thing to know when moving to New Smyrna which as you can tell is a huge variety of fantastic options.


In conclusion, moving to New Smyrna Beach is a great choice for anyone. What’s so great about this location is the variety of activities and choices that you have so you never feel stuck in one location. New Smryna Beach lets you think about the whole family from the kids to the grandparents and how they’ll also enjoy moving. After reading these things to know has truly piqued your interest and you want to know more about HOW to move there then you’re in luck. Real-Time Relocation is an expert and professional moving company that can help you move today. What’s even better is that you can give them a call now for a free quote!